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Chat with Cayla

Cayla George
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Whether you are:

- A player aspiring to be a pro baller

- A parent who has a daughter who wants to be a pro baller

- A coach who has a team full of ballers

- A team full of ballers

This is a great opportunity for you to chat with Cayla and ask the questions you would like answered. Cayla has been through the junior ranks herself from club (Eastern Maverick SA), to state (SA Country), to Australian junior teams (U19 Gems & U21 Sapphires) to now being apart of the Opals. Along with playing professionally for over 15 years here in Australia, America and in Europe. Through this time there have been plenty of high moments but also plenty of low. Lots of sweat and tears. From on court to off court, food, travel and family, here is your chance to see what this lifestyle is all about.

CALL TIME - 30 minutes

Please place the order name as the participant who will be chatting with Cayla.